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Digi Winner

For many of us, digitisation is changing our world of work and our jobs. This presents employees with new challenges. The Vienna Chamber of Labour (AK) in cooperation with waff have established the Digi Winner initiative to promote continuing vocational education and training in the field of digitisation.

The Digi Winner grant is available to residents of Vienna who are members of the Vienna Chamber of Labour. They can receive up to 5,000 Euro in funding for continuing vocational education and training.

With the Digi Winner grant you can:

  • improve your chances in the digital working world
  • gain new skills
  • improve your job security
Digi-Winner - bis zu 5.000 Euro für Ihre digitale Weiterbildung

Up to 5,000 Euro for your further education and training:
Apply for your Digi Winner grant!

To qualify for the grant, your main residence must be in Vienna and you must be a member of the Vienna Chamber of Labour. We can support you in the following cases:

  1. Your main residence and your workplace are in Vienna: If you are in employment and your main residence and place of employment are in Vienna, the maximum grant amount is 5,000 Euro. Depending on your income, you can receive between 40% and a maximum of 80% of the course costs. Grants are possible up to a monthly net income of 2,500 Euro.
    More details can be found here.
  2. Your main residence is in Vienna but your workplace is outside Vienna: If you are employed and have your main residence in Vienna, but your place of employment is outside Vienna, you can receive a maximum of 2,500 Euro from waff. The amount of the additional grant provided by the Chamber of Labour depends on the federal state in which you are a member of the Chamber of Labour.
    More details can be found here.
  3. Your main residence is in Vienna and you are currently unemployed: If you are unemployed and have your main residence in Vienna, you can receive a Chamber of Labour grant amounting to a maximum of 2,500 Euro. 40% of course costs are paid. In this case, waff can support you with a maximum additional amount of 300 Euro.
    More details can be found here.

What does the grant cover?

  • The cost of further education and training in the area of “digital competence”.
  • Plus associated exam fees


  • The course must be held at an institution recognised by waff.
  • You must apply for funding BEFORE starting the course. Applications are to be submitted online.
  • You can claim the maximum grant within a period of five years.

Which courses in the area of digitisation can be funded?

Your intended course must develop digital skills, for example, specialist skills such as IT basics, standard applications such as ECDL, MS Office, operating systems, database programming and project management as well as skills such as data security, social media etc. Contact waff to see whether your intended course can be funded. In addition, waff offers personal consultations.

You can find an overview of the continuing education opportunities available in Vienna at http://www.weiterbildung.at

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