Mission and vision

Our aim is to promote the professional development of employees in Vienna who are seeking to enhance their skills. As a result, we are the first port of call for those looking to get ahead in their career. This also means that we identify challenges in the Vienna job market at an early stage, analyse them, and develop appropriate solutions.

To find out what waff is and what it can do, watch waff’s 20th anniversary video.

The City of Vienna makes special efforts to help people who work in Vienna to advance their career – and does so with the help of waff. Our support services are precisely tailored to the needs of employees in Vienna and we continue to develop them in an innovative and flexible way.

waff supplements the government’s labour market policy in close cooperation with the Vienna Public Employment Service (AMS Wien) and with trade unions and employer associations. Labour market policy in Austria falls within the remit of the Federal Minister for Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection. Public Employment Service Austria implements the government’s labour market policy.

We have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Improve the career prospects of people who work in Vienna
  • Eliminate existing discrimination in the job market
  • Prevent the threat of exclusion from the employment system
  • Provide young people with good vocational training and a successful start to working life
  • Improve the attractiveness of Vienna as a business location
  • Promote equal opportunities for women and men on the job market
  • Improve opportunities on the labour market for inhabitants of Vienna with a migration background

Our approach: good career prospects

waff therefore promotes the education and training of people living in Vienna, improves their job prospects and introduces targeted measures to help them progress in their career. In 2018, around 33,500 people in Vienna will benefit from our measures and programmes.

Our target groups: