✖All of the information about the waff offer is in the German section of the website. You can find the most important details in English here.
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Training Grant

waff’s Training Grant for Vienna-based companies provides funding that enables you to invest in training your employees. It complements the training grant for employees offered by the Vienna Public Employment Service (AMS Wien).

Who can apply for the grant?

Companies that have a site in Vienna and provide training for their employees. Employees must be employed by the company in a role that is subject to full compulsory social insurance and must work in Vienna.

  • Employees under 45 years of age
  • Women with the Matura (certificate of secondary education) or a higher qualification
  • Men who have completed an apprenticeship or school for intermediate vocational education (berufsbildende mittlere Schule) or a higher qualification

How much does the grant cover?

The grant covers 50% of the course costs up to a maximum of €1,000. The maximum grant amounts can be applied for over a period of one calendar year – either all at once or in several instalments. The maximum funding that a company can receive is €20,000 per year.

Funding covers the education and training costs, including examination fees (but excluding travel, food and accommodation expenses), charged by external training institutes or trainers.

Requirements for the grant

  • Application by the company before the education and training course starts
  • Education and training programmes must be provided by external training institutes and trainers
  • Proof that the training programme has been successfully completed

How to apply for your grant

Before the training programme starts, submit your grant application – including the Declaration of Commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung) and De Minimis Declaration (De-minimis-Erklärung) – to waff. If you apply for a grant for an apprenticeship or equivalent qualification, you must also fill in the Training Plan (Ausbildungsplan) form in addition to the grant application.

Exceptional admission to the final apprenticeship examination is regulated in Section 23 para. 5 of the Vocational Training Act (Berufsausbildungsgesetz). Evidence of the knowledge and skills required for apprenticeship of the trade you have selected must be presented to the apprenticeship office. These may have been acquired by sufficiently long, trade-specific on-the-job training, by other practical activity, or by attending relevant courses, for an appropriate length of time. These periods may also be added together. However, a period of at least half the apprenticeship period of the relevant apprenticeship trade is required. For further information, please contact the apprenticeship office at the Vienna Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Wien), which can also be reached by phone on 01 514 50 2011.

Employees who would like to complete an apprenticeship can receive information and advice at the waff Careers and Further Education Advisory Centre. Our advisers would also be happy to visit your company and advise your staff in-house.

One of the grants available for other members of staff is the training grant for employees provided by the Vienna Public Employment Service (AMS Wien). Information about the AMS grant can be obtained from the Vienna Public Employment Service, which can be reached by phone on 05 09 04 940.