Training account

Do you want to undertake further education? Start a training course? Take the Matura (certificate of secondary education), Berufsreifeprüfung (vocational equivalent) or a further apprenticeship? Or are you planning to take a Meisterprüfung (master craftsperson examination), Werkmeisterprüfung (industrial master’s examination) or Befähigungsprüfung (qualification examination)? Then the waff Training Account is ideal for you.

The waff Training Account provides grants for people working in Vienna who are undertaking vocational education and training. Unemployed people living in Vienna can also take advantage of the Training Account.

Your Training Account is filled with between €300 and a maximum of €2,000. The amount of job credit you receive depends on whether you are currently unemployed or in work. If you work, how much you earn is a key factor.

Our Training Accounts:

  • Training account for all: if you’re currently in work or unemployed, we’ll provide a grant for your education and training – with no upper income limit.
  • Training Account for higher-level qualifications: are you in work and taking a Meisterprüfung, Werkmeisterprüfung or Befähigungsprüfung? Or are you taking the Matura as a mature student, taking the Berufsreifeprüfung or completing a further apprenticeship? If so, waff can help.
  • Training Account for extensive further training: a grant for further education and training if you are currently earning less than €1,800 net per month.
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