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Dear Customers,
At the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff), we are following the developments surrounding the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and are taking the situation very seriously. Of course, waff is doing its part to see that the disease does not continue to spread. To protect against COVID-19, only limited services are available at waff at present. We are not able to offer face-to-face consultations at waff until further notice and must also cancel information events until further notice. Thank you for being understanding about this matter.

We are happy to provide you with information – please call 0121748 – 0 or visit our website at Again, thank you for your understanding about this matter.

The waff Team

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Vienna Employment Promotion Fund

Active labour market policy and adult vocational training play a key role for the City of Vienna. waff is a vital tool in this area. Our aim is to help people who work in Vienna to get ahead in their careers – increasing their prospects of a stable job and good income.

We will support you if you want to undertake further education and training – because the higher the qualifications, the better the job prospects.

Peter Hanke
Economics councillor and vice-president of waff
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