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Opportunities Cheque

Would you like to complete an apprenticeship or gain an educational qualification as a mature student? With the Opportunities Cheque and maximum funding of € 5,000, it’s a whole lot easier. If you are employed, have your main residence in Vienna and work as an auxiliary worker (Hilfskraft), waff will pay your course and examination costs. You can also obtain funding for other education and training courses – and for recognition of qualifications acquired abroad.

Having qualifications will help you in your career, which is why we offer you an Opportunities Cheque specifically:

  • if you want to complete an apprenticeship as a mature student
  • if you want to complete other educational qualifications as a mature student
  • if you want to have qualifications acquired abroad recognised in Austria
  • if you want to undertake vocational education and training courses

What is special about this grant is that waff covers the course and examination costs and pays the course provider directly.

Who can receive the grant?

Employed people, whose main residence is in Vienna, and who are at the start of the course:

  • employed in accordance with the General Social Insurance Act (ASVG),
  • in minor employment (geringfügig beschäftigt), provided that they are not in receipt of unemployment insurance benefits,
  • on educational leave (Bildungskarenz) or part-time educational leave (Bildungsteilzeit),
  • “new self-employed workers” (Neue Selbständige), who are insured in accordance with Section 2 (1) para. 4 of the Social Insurance Act for the Self-Employed in Trade and Industry (GSVG).

Who cannot receive a grant?

  • Self-employed workers, with the exception of “new self-employed workers” (Neue Selbständige)
  • People who are benefiting from AMS programmes
  • Civil servants, students, school pupils and pensioners

What does the grant cover?

  • If you complete an apprenticeship: 90% of the course costs (up to 3,000 Euro), including the entire examination fee. If you pass the examination, you can also claim back the remaining 10% of the costs.
  • If you want to gain other educational qualifications (e.g. kindergarten assistants qualifying as kindergarten teachers / care assistants qualifying as senior care assistants (PflegefachassistentIn)): 90% of the course and examination costs (maximum 3,000 Euro)
  • If you want to have qualifications acquired abroad recognised in Austria: 90% (up to 3,000 Euro) of the course costs
  • If you undertake vocational education and training: 90% (up to 1,000 Euro) of the course costs

The total amount of funding can be applied for over a period of two years – either all at once or in instalments. In cooperation with the ESF (European Social Fund), waff will cover your course costs and examination fees (this applies to course costs of 150 Euro or more).

Please note that grants are only available for vocational training and education courses that are recognised by waff. Here you can find a list of course providers recognised by waff. We would be happy to advise you by phone on 01 217 48 555 or by e-mail.

You can apply for a grant for education and training courses in the fields of health, wellness, body care or beauty if:

  • you are already working in this field at the start of the course
  • there is a direct link to your work
  • the course is based on an official curriculum

What does funding not cover?

  • Registration and enrolment fees, state fees, books, lecture notes, travel, food and accommodation expenses, hobby and recreational courses, coaching, supervision, self-awareness courses, etc.
  • Courses on personal development or ideology
  • Studies at public universities, Fachhochschulen (universities of applied sciences) or comparable educational institutions for which grants or similar funding are available


  • You must be employed and your main residence must be in Vienna.
  • Your highest level of education is compulsory schooling.
  • You have previously acquired a higher level of education but are employed in Austria as an auxiliary worker (Hilfskraft).
  • You must apply for the grant in person before registering for the course.
  • The course provider must be recognised by waff.

On course to complete your apprenticeship: with the Qualification Booklet

Take advantage of the Qualification Booklet (Qualifikations-Pass) to advance your education and training. This is your personal document that provides an at-a-glance overview of your qualifications and career goals.

The Qualification Booklet contains:

  • all education and training courses that you have done in Austria
  • your professional experience in Austria or abroad
  • your career goals for the future
  • your path to completing your apprenticeship at a glance

Would you like to receive your free Qualification Booklet? waff’s advisers will be happy to help you. It is important to note that if you are unemployed, the Qualification Booklet will also help you at Public Employment Service Austria (AMS)) on your path towards completing your apprenticeship.

Find out how you can benefit

Do you want to find out more about the Opportunities Cheque? We would be happy to provide more information. Simply call 01 217 48 555 to arrange an appointment for a free personal consultation at the waff Careers and Further Education Advisory Centre.

The Opportunities Cheque is provided by waff in partnership with the ESF.
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