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Labour foundations and crisis management

Is your company faced with the need to make redundancies or temporarily deal with overstaffing?

waff and the Vienna Public Employment Service (AMS) can support Vienna-based companies in a variety of ways: from setting up a labour foundation (Arbeitsstiftung) when staff need to be made redundant to providing training for employees during a period of further education leave or while they are working reduced hours.

Whatever measures you agree with the trade unions and employer associations in your company, we are happy to look for appropriate instruments with you and in partnership with the Vienna Public Employment Service (AMS).

Reducing staffing levels in a socially responsible way: labour foundations

If redundancies are unavoidable, labour foundations offer the employees affected the opportunity to make a career change. The municipality of Vienna provides financial assistance to participants who live in Vienna.

Labour foundation – Vienna Regional Foundation

The Vienna Regional Foundation (Wiener Regionalstiftung) provides companies in the greater Vienna region with rapid access to this labour foundation for employees who have to leave the company.

Labour foundation – company foundation

If staffing levels are significantly reduced (by more than 250 employees) or if employees beyond the greater Vienna area are affected, a company foundation can be set up. waff coordinates and works out all the necessary steps, including drawing up the company foundation concept and establishing the foundation.

We would be happy to provide further information or to visit your company. Information about labour foundations and the requirements is available in the Downloads section.

Retaining staff – offering further education

Are capacity fluctuations, restructuring measures, site closures or renovation work creating a short-term staffing surplus in your company? waff can help you to balance out fluctuations of this kind and enable your staff to undertake further training.

Your employees can gain new qualifications during a period of educational leave and then return to the company afterwards. The municipality of Vienna provides financial assistance to participants who live in Vienna.

Further education – educational leave

During their period of leave, employees can gain valuable qualifications and then return to the company after their educational leave.

Educational leave is agreed between the company and the member of staff and must be applied for at Public Employment Service Austria (AMS). The company subsequently draws up an education plan for the employees and commits to funding the training undertaken during educational leave. During their period of leave, employees receive further education benefits from AMS equivalent to the amount of unemployment benefit they would receive.

waff helps to cover the company’s training costs for Vienna employees with a grant of up to €1,700 (max. 50% of the course costs).