✖All of the information about the waff offer is in the German section of the website. You can find the most important details in English here.
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Advisory service

Well-advised with waff! One of waff’s most important services is the free advice it provides for people working in Vienna.

Advice can be extremely valuable – for example, if you’re considering making changes in your career. Changes in your career can mean a variety of things: you may decide on a new career. You could undertake further education and training to create new opportunities for yourself at your current workplace. Or perhaps you want to take steps to safeguard your job. We can explain the best way to approach these changes in a consultation session.

How our advisory service works

Make an appointment at our Careers and Further Education Advisory Centre. We allow plenty of time for your consultation. A personal adviser will discuss your concerns and options with you – free of charge and in confidence. The first consultation session will take about one hour. You will work together to create a plan that will help you achieve your career goal. Just phone us on 01 217 48 555.

The advisory process step by step

Phase 1 – Clarifying your aims

We will discuss your career goals together, explaining how we can best support you.

Phase 2 – Advice

Together, we will look at your professional background. We will identify your strengths and prospects with you and plan your next steps.

Phase 3 – If you want to undertake further education

We will draw up your further education plan with you. Together, we will look for suitable courses and explain the financial support available for your further education plans.

Phase 4 – Accompanying coaching

We will support you every step of the way throughout your education and training.

Please note that waff is not a course provider and does not offer any further education courses. Our Kurs-Suche provides an overview of further education courses in Vienna. We are a partner in the Educational Guidance in Vienna (Wiener Bildungsberatung) network.

What does the waff Careers and Further Education Advisory Centre do?