Jobs & Training

  ✖All of the information about the waff offer is in the German section of the website. You can find the most important details in English here.
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Jobs & Training

  • Are you unemployed? Looking for a new job and the right training for it?
  • Do you want a grant for a further education course?
  • Are you new to Austria and would like to work here?

Supplementing the assistance provided by the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS), we offer special services for job-seekers in Vienna: from job opportunities and support for further education to the recognition of training undertaken abroad.

Find out more about jobs with training.

Jobs with training

Are you looking for a job but haven’t completed vocational training? Then take advantage of this opportunity: 1,500 jobs with training are waiting to be filled every year.

Job search: quick and easy to use

You’ll find all the latest vacancies in our job search. The job advert itself includes more information about the vacancy, requirements and how to apply online.

Further education grants

Do you want to learn something new? Improve your chances of a new job? We can help fund your plans with grants of up to €300.

Labour foundations

What happens if your employer goes bankrupt or into receivership? Or makes a number of its employees redundant? Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to retrain in order to improve your prospects on the job market, waff’s labour foundations (Arbeitsstiftungen) can help.

Information for new immigrants

It’s important to get off to a good start. On the job market too, of course. That’s why waff helps people who are new to Austria.

Course search

Providing the best overview of further education courses in Vienna: our course search includes all courses and course providers.


We’ll tell you about interesting job opportunities with training to help you start your career.

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