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Vienna Apprenticeship Training Bonus – up to 3,000 euros for newly employed apprentices

Training companies will receive a 2,000 euro apprenticeship training bonus for new apprentices starting an apprenticeship. Microenterprises with a maximum of five employees will receive an additional 1,000 euro bonus.

For many young people, the dual vocational education and training system is a very important step en route to a career and, at the same time, is key to safeguarding the supply of skilled workers for the Viennese economy. This is why we are offering the Vienna Apprenticeship Training Bonus to training companies that have had to or will have to overcome economic disadvantages caused by coronavirus and which have accessed government aid.

Who can apply for the grant?

Viennese apprenticeship training companies according to section 2 of the Vocational Training Act (BAG), whose registered office or permanent establishment is in Vienna, and which have been or are negatively affected by coronavirus.

The grant is not available to:

Municipal associations, government training companies, political parties and independent training facilities according to sections 29, 30 and 30b of the Vocational Training Act.

What does the grant cover?

Apprenticeship training bonus for newly employed apprentices in the first year of their apprenticeship and apprentices in supra-company apprenticeships (irrespective of apprenticeship year) who are apprenticed to the company.

  • Apprentice living in Vienna
  • Apprenticeships commencing during the period from 01.06.2021 to 30.06.2022

How much is the grant?

In principle the grant is 2,000 euros, and 3,000 euros for companies with a maximum of five employees (excluding apprentices).

Requirements for the grant

  • Proof that the company has claimed government aid (e.g. short-time working, hardship fund, sales compensation, etc.)
  • Apprenticeship has not been terminated during the statutory three-month trial period
  • The application documents must be submitted to waff within three months of expiry of the three-month trial period at the latest.

How to apply for the grant

The grant application document, including the Declaration of Commitment, and proof of the claim for coronavirus-related government aid, must be submitted to waff within three months of expiry of the three-month trial period at the latest.

The grant will be paid after the statutory three-month trial period has expired.